Aeropeople and our core functions continue to go ahead despite the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

During this time, we are business as usual and our Recruitment Division are still looking to place you in your desired roles.

We have always had the ability to set up remote interviews when required, mainly for our International jobs. Therefore we are more than prepared to increase this capability during the current virus pandemic and hold over the phone or virtual interviews for all. Our Recruitment Consultants are also on hand to have a call at any point, so please follow the link to find out how you can get in touch and continue your job search with us.

Get in Touch

Here is some guidance on interview by videoconferencing:

Be prepared. Treat video interviews with the same seriousness as in-person interviews. Make sure you know the job description, and have prepared some specific questions to ask. Choose a quiet, well-lit room for interviews. Make sure you fully understand how to access the videoconferencing technology and whether software needs to be downloaded.

Check your tech. Double-check the technology you’ll be using prior to the interview and test the camera and microphone. Also ensure you’re WiFi is working.

Communication. It may be impossible to make sure all connections are perfect, and therefore you must ensure you speak slowly, clearly and concisely to make sure your points are received as intended.