A few simple tips
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CV writing

Here are some simple tips to trust when writing your CV to ensure that you are presenting yourself in the best light.


Ensure that your CV is clean and sharp.
Clearly mark each section with a section heading so that the information is simple and quick to garner the vital information.
Avoid fancy fonts and decorations – focus on the content. The main aim when CV writing is to secure an interview, so focus on the facts speaking for themselves.


Put your name at the top of the front page, with your contact details directly underneath when CV writing. It’s important to include a mobile number, so that you are easily contactable – you don’t want to miss an important phone call about an interview!

The structure of your CV should be clear and easy to understand. Your mission is to present facts about yourself clearly and concisely when CV writing.
Always include an employment history, showing dates employed and main duties.
Use bullet points rather than complete sentences when CV writing; try to be as concise as possible and only include the most relevant information.

Your educational history, academic achievements and work experiences should be listed in reverse order – for example, a university degree should come before your school exam results.
Never leave gaps – if you took a year out, or carried out interim assignments, say so – otherwise employers can suspect the worse – perhaps you were dismissed.


Check your CV carefully – always run a spell and grammar check and re-read to check it also makes sense; ask a friend to check it too. Remember that your CV is the first impression your potential employer will have of you. Take the time to get it right.


1. Ensure your CV is well presented; first impressions are crucial.
2. Always use positive wording and phrases.
3. Be factual and stick to the truth!
4. If posting your CV to a prospective employer, which could stand out as a different way to get noticed in these modern times, invest in quality paper as it will stand out to the recipient.

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