Our prime consideration
is safety and quality

The safety and quality of our people and our services are of paramount importance to us.

Safety and Quality

Our clients rely on us to deliver exceptional services in a flexible timescale to fit their requirements. They also rely on us to ensure that the safety and quality of our services and the team carrying out those services are of utmost importance.

Our employees make sure that the established engineering principals, practices and procedures, provide the high standards of quality and service expected by our customers and the relevant authorities. We also have a permanent health & safety manager who conducts training, audits, awareness campaigns and hazard assessments on a regular basis.

From 2019, all our client facing managers and senior recruiters are undergoing the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Managing Safely course.  This course is designed to provide in-depth guidance in how to manage safely with a hands-on focus; help improve Aeropeoples’ safety awareness culture and leverage a positive appreciation of safety assurance to our corporate clients, partners and placed contractors.

Aeropeople are continuously striving to maintain and improve standards adopting a compliant, but proportionate, approach towards operational safety. We see the benefits of embracing Human Factor principals and train our staff to recognise these situations, to take appropriate action and always to follow a “just culture” philosophy.

Compliance with standards set down by national & international regulation, published procedures, quality procedures, safety procedures and regulations are the duty of all personnel, from the boardroom to the workplace.