Stay calm and
collected for your interview

Walk into your interview with confidence by using our simple advice to help you get that job.

Easy tips to get you prepared

You’re over the first hurdle of the application process, the next step is the interview

To put your mind at ease, we’ve compiled a quick and easy list of things to do and not to do, in order to show yourself in the best light. An interview is a great place to introduce you and your skills properly, and show the worth that you will bring to the organisation. We believe in all our candidates, and we will always put in the time to ensure you are prepared for all styles of interviews.

What to remember:

  • Research the company thoroughly – always check their website for any detail you can reference
  • Plan your journey carefully and arrive 10 minutes early (if lateness cannot be avoided, make sure you call and let the interviewer know)
  • Ensure you take a pad & pen with you – this should include any pre-prepared questions and any key observations about the company
  • Dress smartly – you never get a second chance to make a first impression
  • Smile and shake hands firmly – don’t forget to make eye contact!
  • Try and read the mood of the room early on, and if they are very formal in their questions, you should be formal in your responses
  • Answer questions honestly and concisely. It is perfectly fine to take a few moments to think about your answer before you respond
  • Give examples of where you have gained that experience or used those skills in previous roles – it’s not enough to just say that you have done something
  • Ensure you close at the end of the interview – find out when you will hear back about their decision and thank them for taking the time to see you. A follow up email to re-iterate this will not go amiss
  • If you are not successful this time, don’t take it to heart. It’s a good idea to ask for feedback to see how you can take this on board in future

What to avoid:

  • Turn your mobile phone off – it will only distract you
  • Do not ask about sick leave or holiday entitlement in your first interview – you must show you are interested in the role, not just the benefits
  • Don’t get into conversations about salary, benefits or bonuses – it could make you look greedy
  • Don’t be negative about previous working environments. Turn those into positive steps to where you are now and why you want the job with them

If you follow our simple advice, we can ensure your interviews will be a positive experience, no matter the outcome.

Remember that they are a learning experience, and every interview you do will get easier as your confidence grows.

Download our detailed step-by-step guide here

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