Tool Leasing

With over 1,600 items of MRO tooling and equipment in stock supporting many Boeing & Airbus aircraft, we are able to save MRO’s and operators the great expense of having tooling & equipment purchases.

The equipment you need to get back in the air

We are able to supply the following equipment on both short & long term leases:

  • Aircraft Jacks with A320, A330, A340, B737, B757, B767 & B787 capability (B747 & B777 coming shortly)
  • Bootstrap kits for A320ceo, B767 (CF6) & B777
  • Airbus family RAT Test equipment
  • Landing gear change tooling and GSE equipment for A320, B767 & B747-400
  • Hydraulic test rig (currently restricted to 52 GPM/3000psi but has 32 GPM/5000psi capability)
  • Slings & hoists for nose, fan & reverser cowls for A320ceo, B767 and B747
  • Slings, hoists and neutral position equipment for flying controls on A320ceo, B767 & B777
  • Blanks, ground locks and safety equipment for A320, A330, B737, B747, B767 & B777

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